Walk to Work

Put your best foot forward...walk to work and spare the road! If you live 1 to 3 miles from your worksite, you should consider walking to work. There's no need to hassle with your car -- fighting traffic, polluting the environment, struggling to find a parking place -- and you have the benefit of a stress-free trip as well as the exercise to stay fit and healthy.

If you can, find a walking partner -- be it a neighbor or co-worker that lives near you. You can enjoy coming to work knowing traffic hasn't added stress to your day and, more importantly, you will be contributing to controlling the pollution where you live and work.


There are good reasons to walk to work. Walking is easier on your pocket book than other forms of transportation. And it’s a win-win situation for the environment and your health. If you live too far away to walk, you can also get the same benefits by using public transit or carpooling for part of the way.

The County offers a Steps to Success Program aimed at improving your fitness level while adding a fun activity to your daily routine. The miles walked during your commute to work count towards meeting monthly challenges that equate to other great incentives for eligible employees. For additional information about the County’s Walk to Work Program, contact Commuter Services by email at hrcommuterservices@sbcounty.gov or by phone at 909.387.9639 or 909.387.9640.

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