Rideshare Tracking


Get the most out of Ridesharing! Eligibility for Commuter Services rideshare incentives** and some program eligibility is contingent upon your rideshare tracking history.

Submit Electronic Copy

Submit your monthly rideshare tracking electronically using the Rideshare Tracking Online Form. You must visit Human Resources on Countyline to access the online tracking form. IMPORTANT: If this is the first time submitting your rideshare tracking, please complete all fields.

Submit Paper Copy

If you prefer, you may submit a paper copy of the Rideshare Tracking Calendar to HR - Commuter Services using Interoffice Mail Code 0178.

** Pursuant to IRC 74 and IRC 3121(a)(20),
the value of employer provided prizes/gifts is taxable
to an employee as wages and may be subject to
Federal income tax withholding and Medicare.

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