Rideshare Tracking


Get the most out of Ridesharing!

Eligibility for the County's Employee Rideshare Program incentives* and some program eligibility is contingent upon your rideshare trip log history.


Submit your trip logs at SBtrip

Create an account at the County's ride matching and rewards website, SBtrip. 

  • Log up to two trips per day to report how you commuted to and/or from work each day.  If you used multiple commute modes, log the total number of miles in the mode that covered the longest distance.  For example, if you walk 1 mile and ride the bus 9 miles, you would report 10 miles via transit.
  • You can log and edit trips up to the prior 5 weeks. Logs must be submitted no later than the 7th of the following month.
  • Trip logs are subject to auditing for accuracy.


  * Pursuant to IRC 74 and IRC 3121(a)(20),
the value of employer provided prizes/gifts is taxable
to an employee as wages and may be subject to
Federal income tax withholding and Medicare.

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