The Carpool Program


Carpooling is one of the easiest, most economical ways of ridesharing. Carpools may consist of co-workers, or people who work and/or live around the same area as you do. Children who must be dropped at daycare may be considered part of your carpool, as long as they ride fifty percent (50%) of your trip. However, taking children to day care or school does not qualify an employee to receive rideshare incentives and benefits under the County’s program.

Carpooling saves money and time and reduces stress. Although it only takes two people to form a carpool, increasing the number of passengers will reduce overall commuting costs and the more the merrier. Carpooling with co-workers and friends can be fun.

Another advantage of carpooling is the positive effects on the environment. Carpooling reduces traffic congestion, saves fuel, decreases air pollution and the need for parking space. From a global perspective, carpooling reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which goes a long way towards improving our area’s chronic air pollution.

County employees who track rideshare activities with Commuter Services an average of at least two (2) times per week may be eligible to receive Preferred Parking and incentives. If you are a member of a carpool and would like to take advantage of these benefits, submit a Carpool Parking Permit Application.

The Hybrid Vehicle Carpool Program

Commuter Services Hybrid Vehicle Carpool Program allows employees to use hybrid vehicles from the Commuter Services fleet to carpool to and from work. Modeled after the employee-funded vanpool program, carpools of 3 or 4 employees may participate. The carpool rates, per member, are a fraction of the cost to drive alone. If you are interested in forming a Hybrid Vehicle Carpool, submit a Hybrid Vehicle Carpool Application.

Zero-Emission Vehicles

Whether carpooling or driving alone, the County offers incentives to employees that commute to work in Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV), which include Battery Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Unlike the typical petrol and diesel vehicles on the road, Zero-Emission Vehicles do not produce any of the harmful tailpipe emissions that we strive to reduce in our effort to improve the local air quality. Visit our Incentives page to learn about the incentives you could earn for tracking your ZEV commute each month!

Examples of carpool arrangements include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A licensed driver uses his/her personal vehicle, with vehicle operating costs pro-rated among all of the passengers to be worked out by the carpoolers
  • Shared driving and independent cost responsibilities, with each participant covering his or her own vehicle’s operating expenses

The "Carpool Rideshare Partner Wanted" templates have been designed as form fill-in flyers that can be changed for each route. These flyers are only available in electronic format (pdf). All printing and distribution is the responsibility of the user. If you have questions, contact us by email at or by phone at 909.387.9639 or 909.387.9640.

To use:

  • Determine your route information (From, To, Work Hours, Contact Info).
  • Decide which flyer you want to use and enter the route information, work hours and contact information where indicated.
  • Print and post in a location that a potential rideshare partner is likely to see it.

Click on thumbnail to view and to add your text.

carpool template carpool template carpool template
carpool template carpool template carpool template

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