Modified Benefit Option (MBO) Special Open Enrollment

A Special MBO Open Enrollment for Nurses will be held February 26 - March 23, 2018.

 With the Modified Benefit Option you get more!! This enhanced-wage option provides:
• A higher salary of up to $4,160 per year ($2.00 per hour above base rate) for an 80-hour nurse
Flexible Paid Time Off (PTO) in lieu of separate use-specific leave accruals
• The choice of the following medical plan options:
   Electing the lower-premium, higher deductible Blue Shield PPO Bronze Plan
   (Bronze Plan) OR
   Maintaining current medical plan, while receiving a slightly lower Medical Premium
   Subsidy (MPS)
• A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) County match of up to $520 per year with
  enrollment in the Bronze Plan, plus employee’s contribution to the FSA
Double-time for all hours worked on 10 recognized holidays            

  • Additionally, the $2.00 per hour will be considered as part of the base hourly rate when calculating:
    • Overtime,
    • County contribution to the Retirement Medical Trust (RMT),
    • Sick leave cash-outs pursuant to RMT Article,
    • Leave cash-outs, and
    • Retirement Benefit Amount

MBO Informational Meeting Schedule



How to Enroll in the MBO

Follow these 3 simple steps to enroll in the MBO:


Step 1. Complete the Modified Benefit Option (MBO) Election Form- Nurses


Step 2. Choose your benefit options:

 If you are satisfied with your current health plan, no other forms are needed other than the MBO Election form.  If you want to make changes to your medical plan elections you will need to complete the following forms (as applicable). 

Premium Deduction Election Form- Required if you chose to enroll in the MBO and are making changes to your medical insurance plan.

Medical Plan Enrollment/Change Form- Required if making changes to your medical insurance to any plan except Blue Shield Bronze PPO plan.

Essential Health Plan Coverage Enrollment /Change Form- (AKA Blue Shield Bronze PPO Plan)- Required if you chose to enroll in the MBO and enroll in the Blue Shield Bronze PPO Plan.

FSA Enrollment Form- If you chose the Blue Shield Bronze PPO plan, you may also enroll in the FSA plan to receive your County match by completing the FSA Enrollment Form.


Step 3. Submit your forms by 5pm on Friday, March 23, 2018

Send your completed forms to the Employee Benefits and Services Division (EBSD) in one of the following ways:
In person: 157 W. 5th Street, First Floor, San Bernardino, CA 92415-0440
Scan and e-mail to:

Interoffice mail to: Mail Code – 0440

Fax to: (909) 387-5566


If you have questions regarding this Special Open Enrollment period, please contact:

Karama Roberson, Benefits Analyst at e-mail: or phone: (909) 387-5578

You may also contact the EBSD at e-mail: or phone: (909) 387-5787

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