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Bicycle Expense Reimbursements

HR-CS has made another enhancement to the County's Rideshare program by providing Bike to Work employees with a $20 monthly bicycle expense reimbursement for qualified bicycle expenses, such as bike parts, general bike maintenance, and even a new commuter bike. Employees who track rideshare activity with HR-CS at least ten (10) days per month may be eligible to receive this benefit. For more detailed information, e.g., eligibility requirements, reimbursement request procedures, and benefit limits, please refer to the Bicycle Expense Reimbursement Policy . Employees may request reimbursement by completing a Bicycle Expense Reimbursement Request Form and submitting it to Commuter Services at IOM 0178 or Fax (909) 387-9641. Requests will be processed between January 1 and March 31 of the following year the expense is incurred. Contact Commuter Services at commuterservices@sbcounty.gov or (909) 387-9640 for additional information.


Bicycle commuting is the regular use of a bicycle to travel from home to work.  Bicycles are used for commuting worldwide, though in isolated pockets in the United States.  The Inland Empire has seen a rise in the number of people who have found the potential health, economic, and environmental benefits of bicycle commuting.  Employees living within 5 to 7 miles of their worksites should consider using a bike to get to work.   You can get a great workout and you can pedal off the stresses others feel while they are stuck in traffic!

Mixed-mode commuting combines the use of a bicycle with public transportation to make your commute even more convenient.  Omnitrans and RTA buses are equipped with bike racks on them so you can take the bus one way or part of the way, and pedal your way back.

Bike commuting creates instant return on the effort and investment of the simplest “biofuel” – human energy.  For instance, consider the money saved by riding a bike to work. Factor in the car’s rate of gas mileage, the distance ridden, and the price of fuel.  For example, a car gets 25 miles per gallon; gas costs $4 per gallon; and the commute to work is 5 miles one way.  Roundtrip, that particular ride saves $1.60 in each instance. A bike commuter averaging three such rides a week for a year saves $249.60. Not to mention the potential savings in gym membership.

Bike commuting offers a huge environmental benefit as well.  The average vehicle with a manual transmission emits 7,826 pounds of carbon dioxide over the course of a year (12,000 miles).  Calculate the carbon footprint the planet is spared by riding a bike to work instead of driving that vehicle.  At 10 miles per day, three times per week, the bike ride saves 1,021 pounds of CO2 emissions from further polluting the air.

Bike racks are available at many worksites and bike lockers are located at Human Resources 157-175 W. Fifth Street, San Bernardino, the Hall of Records at 222 West Hospitality Lane, San Bernardino, and the Foothill Communities Law and Justice Center in Rancho Cucamonga.

Did you know that the miles that you travel during your bike to work count towards meeting monthly challenges on the County’s Steps to Success Program?

The County ‘s Steps to Success Program is aimed at improving your fitness level while adding a fun activity to your daily routine.   The miles that you bike during your commute to work count towards meeting monthly challenges that equate to other great incentives for eligible employees.

Visit Steps to Success for additional information on the County's Steps to Success program.

For additional information about the County’s Bike Commuting program, contact Commuter Services at commuterservices@sbcounty.gov or (909) 387-9640.

Special Discount for County of San Bernardino Employees!!

Cyclery, USA-Redlands offers a 10% discount to bicycle commuting County employees on most accessory items.  Simply present your County identification badge or business card to receive your discount.