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About Us

Commuter Services Mission Statement

The mission of the County of San Bernardino’s Commuter Services program is to market and promote to its employees a broad range of transportation alternatives to driving to work alone and to develop innovative solutions in response to the community’s transportation concerns.  Through creative planning and partnerships with other public entities and under the guidance of regulatory agencies like the Air Quality Management District (AQMD), Commuter Services strives to lead the County in meeting its goal to reduce air pollution, improving traffic congestion, and making the County of San Bernardino a better place to live and work.

What We Do

Commuter Services administers the County’s Employee Commute Reduction Program (ECRP) and provides assistance to County of San Bernardino employees by finding solutions to driving to work alone.  Among the services provided, Commuter Services:

  • Provides incentives to Ridesharing participants
  • Provides referral services and information on carpools and rideshare matching
  • Provides assistance to employees in forming new vanpools and provides on-going vanpool program support
  • Conducts employee transportation surveys and assessments
  • Provides information about public transportation options
  • Tracks and studies employee ridesharing participation patterns
  • Coordinates rideshare events throughout the year
  • Disseminates information regarding relevant topics through newsletters, payroll stuffers, presentations, e-mails, and the Commuter Services internet and intranet websites