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Map Pricing Description

The DoIT-GIS Mapping Team offers a wide selection of off the shelf maps as well as the support to create high quality customized maps meeting the special needs of our customers.

Most of our off the shelf products consist of common and frequently requested map data, such as Assessor Book Boundaries or Supervisorial Districts.  These maps are kept current and printed on a regular basis to maintain a supply for our customers.

Since our map products are priced on a combination of staff time and materials (e.g. paper, ink, etc.), we have developed a pricing model that addresses and combines these costs.

We also do Custom map production dealing with highly complex map detail, specialized projects, and one time needs for crisis or special events.

The cost for Custom map service is based on actual hours needed to consult with the customer, assemble all data needed to produce the map, and then $3.00 per each foot of map printed.

Typical prices range from $84-$150 - but please contact us for detailed pricing.

Our current hourly charge is $72/hour.

We do our best to maintain current pricing, however sometimes prices are subject to change, please email us at email to verify any pricing questions.

Off the Shelf Map Pricing

    1st Map - $45.00
    Each Additional Map - $3.00 per foot

Custom Map Pricing

    Staff time + material costs.
    Simple maps run $84.00 - $150.00.

Map Finishing Options

    Lamination - $2.00 per square feet
    Mylar - $5.00 per foot
    Paper - $3.00 per foot