GIS Application Development

The field of GIS application development is fast-growing, and each year continues to introduce an increasing number of ground-breaking applications for all aspects of business, marketing and government.

GIS at its core is simply the graphical representation of tabular data that ties geographical information together with other kinds of information, such as census data or warehouse inventory lists.  Proper utilization of a GIS can deliver helpful applications like the popular internet-based driving directions and interactive mapping systems widely available today.  The expanding capabilities and flexibility of GIS design will eventually make it an essential part of any government or commercial enterprise.

Application development writes custom GIS applications to meet specific user needs.  The applications may be as simple as a set of preferences that are stored for each user group or individual and are run as a macro at startup time. Or they may be a very complex query that selects a group of layers, identifies features of interest based on attribute ranges, creates variable width buffers, performs a series of overlays and produces a hard copy map or internet/intranet web site.  In either case, an application is required to convert the user's ideas into a usable, stable product.