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If you do not have a FTP User Account to access the San Bernardino County GIS FTP Server, this is where you start your request.   The County is pleased to offer as a service to our customers the ability to download our Parcel Basemap and Centerline data using our FTP site. The files are in Shapefile format and have been zipped down for compression.

Parcel / Basemap FTP User Account:   This account gives you access to the Parcel Basemap and Centerline folder on the GIS FTP Server and directory. 

To get a GIS BaseMap FTP User Account go to the "Basemap User Account" option under "Request FTP Account" under "FTP Services" located on the top menu or click Here

Instructions on how to use a FTP application are available for you by pressing HERE


If your company has and maintains a firewall that restricts in-coming email, please make sure that it will allow emails from before you submit your account request.

Also make sure that the ability to FTP in general is allowed on your LAN and / or WAN.

Please make sure you enter the correct "User and Password" values when attempting to connect to Our FTP server. Your User account will be locked out if you enter correct "User and Password" values. We suggest that you cut and paste the correct "User and Password" value into the appropriate fields of FTP application, like FileZilla.

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