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Inland Empire Regional Data Council (IERDC) -
"Local Government Work Group focuses on GIS issues from the perspective of Local Jurisdictions and facilitates the understanding of these issues within the larger State GIS Council.”

Regional Extent Definition: 
The primary regional extent of “The Inland Empire” constitutes the counties of Riverside and San Bernardino administrative boundaries and all jurisdictions within. Mutual data exchange and assistance between the Inland Empire and the following administrative units is envisioned as well:
Inyo County Mono County Imperial County
Los Angeles County Orange County San Diego County


  1. To foster a cooperative partnership among local, state and federal agencies, and the private sector in addressing geographic information needs and services within the Inland Empire. 
  2. To provide strategies to local, state, and federal agencies regarding the Inland Empire geographic needs, priorities, and standards. 
  3. To provide recommendations to the California GIS Council, when appropriate, concerning issues related to geographic information in the Inland Empire. 
  4. To publish documents, produce educational materials, and promote education pertaining to geographic information and related technologies.
  5. To encourage and contribute to the education of the general public about the nature of, and benefits to be realized from, geographic information and related technologies, including but not limited to geographic information systems, modern global positioning technologies, state mapping priorities, and geographic names.

Meeting Cycle: 

  1. Quarterly council meetings with website communication to assist travel/time constraints
  2. All Regional Council representatives 
  3. Bi-monthly County (San Bernardino and Riverside meetings) as necessary
  4. Sub-County level (COGs) meetings for ease of attending FYI meetings
  5. Website Page for all members to access

Reporting Process:

  1. All State and Federal topics will be agenda items
  2. All meetings will have minutes with action items
  3. Information necessary for State level discussions will be forwarded to the California GIS Council as appropriate
  4. All meeting minutes will be published via website
  5. All meeting minutes will be maintained at the Counties and COGs offices