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Mission Statement

San Bernardino County Fleet Management Department provides vehicles, equipment and services to the officials and employees of the County so that they may provide services that promote health, safety, well being and quality of life to the residents of the County.

The primary objective of Fleet Management is to perform our mission:


Better (effectiveness)  = Customer satisfaction, vehicle safety/reliability, vehicle appearance.
Cheaper (value)     =

The best quality services and repairs balanced against costs. 

Faster (expedient)      = Quick turn-around of repairs/maintenance.

Fleet Management is an internal services fund that captures all expenses through "rates" to user groups and is comprised of two operating units:

Garage Division Operates six repair/maintenance facilities and over 60 County owned fuel sites.
Motor Pool Provides vehicle and equipment rentals.


We will strive to be professional, thorough, and to be considered "world class" in the administration and operation of the Fleet Management Department.  We will achieve "world class" status when other "fleet organizations" are consistently benchmarking our operation for ideas/direction.  Our decisions and direction will be data driven, "customer/client" focused and always in alignment with County, State and Federal laws, rules, regulations and objectives, including the County Vision and Code of Ethics.