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Mission Statement

The San Bernardino County Fleet Management Department provides vehicles, equipment, and services to County departments and other local agencies in order for them to fulfill the County’s Mission, Vision, and Values by providing for the needs of the residents and businesses of San Bernardino County.

Vision Statement

Exceptional Customer Service to Better Our Community Fleet Management provides value to the citizens of San Bernardino County by constantly searching for ways to improve and refine the organization, seeking out better ways to provide Exceptional Customer Service and improve the Community we serve. The organization’s decisions are strategic, data-driven, and aligned with the County’s mission and vision as well as all applicable State, Federal, and Local laws/rules/regulations.


The Fleet Management Department is made up of a diverse group of uniquely talented individuals, who operate cohesively as a Team and do everything with PRIDE:

P – Professional:   Fleet Management will always act in a professional manner, with the best interests of the County in mind. 
R – Respect:  Fleet Management will treat all stakeholders, including employees, customers, vendors, and the public with respect and dignity.
I – Integrity: Fleet Management and its employees will always act in an ethical, moral manner with the highest degree of integrity.
D – Diversity: Fleet Management embraces diversity and fosters an environment of inclusion and acceptance.
E – Exceptional: Fleet Management will strive to provide Exceptional Customer Service in everything we do.