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Welcome to San Bernardino County Fleet Management


   Roger G. Weaver, Director

   210 North Lena Road

   San Bernardino, CA  92415-0842

   (909) 387-7870            

   (909) 387-8001 Fax




The Fleet Management Department provides vehicles, equipment, and services to the officials and employees of the County so that they may, in turn, provide services that promote health, safety, well being, and quality of life to the residents of the County.


Fleet Management provides services for the majority of county vehicles and equipment.  Services include the acquisition,  maintenance, repair, modification, and disposal of vehicles and other related equipment.  San Bernardino County Sheriff and Special Districts Departments are authorized to operate their respective fleets independent of Fleet Management.


Fleet Management operates its main garage in San Bernardino — including a light duty (cars and pickup trucks) shop, heavy duty (large trucks and other equipment) shop, welding/metal fabrication shop, emergency vehicle make-ready shop, parts room and a fueling station.  The department also operates five smaller “service centers” in outlying locations and 61 strategically located fueling sites.


Additionally, the department operates a motor pool, which has ownership and/or maintenance responsibility for approximately 1,800 automobiles, vans, pick-up trucks, and various specialty vehicles assigned to county departments.  The Motor Pool oversees replacement, fuel, maintenance, repair and other operational funding of fleet vehicles. 


Fleet Management is always concerned with meeting the customers' needs.  High customer satisfaction will ensure a stable/increasing customer base for the department that will support the lowest possible unit cost distribution to the county departments.


Vehicle availability is critical to all county departments in order for them to deliver services to their clients.  Timely vehicle maintenance/repair turnaround will improve overall customer satisfaction and improve vehicle availability to Fleet customers.


An element of the county’s Vision is to improve the quality of life for its residents.  Improving air quality is one component for improving the overall quality of life, and reducing vehicle emissions is a critical element in the effort to improve air quality.  Fleet Management is dedicated to balancing emission reduction with meeting operational requirements.


Items of Interest

NetworkFleet GPS Outreach

San Bernardino County Fleet Management and MSRC use GPS to Reduce Emissions


Awards & Recognition

100 Best Fleets in North America 2013 Competition:  Congratulations to everyone for placing 15th in this year's competition!  !   

Gas prices projected to rise!