AB 939 Solid Waste Advisory Task-force

As required by the California Integrated Waste Management Act: The Solid Waste Advisory Task-Force (SWAT) of San Bernardino County will carry out the responsibilities mandated by the State of California through AB 939. SWAT may also consider and make recommendations to the County on such other solid waste related matters as they may deem appropriate. In addition to the SWAT itself, it currently has three committees; Technical, Strategic Planning and Membership. The SWAT and the Technical Committee meet twice annually.  The Strategic Planning and Membership Committees meet on an as-needed basis. All meetings are open to the public and publicly noticed.

Meeting information arranged by Meeting Date (yyyy-mm-dd) most recent first.

SWAT Rules & Procedures

Countywide Integrated Waste Management Plan 2017 Five-Year Review Report

The County of San Bernardino Department of Public Works - Solid Waste Management Division (SWMD) is preparing to review the Countywide Integrated Waste Management Plan (CIWMP) and develop the Five-Year Review Report, which is due for submittal to the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery. As such SWMD is seeking review of the CIWMP from all jurisdictions represented on the Solid Waste Advisory Task Force (SWAT) (includes all cities and towns within the County). The intent is to have SWAT identify necessary revisions to the CIWMP so they can be incorporated into the Report. The Report is a comprehensive analysis regarding the continuing adequacy of the individual elements within the CIWMP (Source Reduction and Recycling Element [SRRE], Household Hazardous Waste Element [HHWE], Non-Disposal Facility Element [NDFE], Countywide Siting Element [CSE], and the Countywide Summary Plan[CSP]) that make up its waste management plan since these planning documents were first adopted (or last amended).

Documents for review:

CalRecycle 709 Report Template

Countywide Source Reduction and Recycling Element [SRRE] and Household Hazardous Waste Element [HHWE] (25 MB)

Countywide Non-Disposal Facility Element [NDFE]

Countywide Siting Element [CSE] (5 MB)

2012 5yr Review Report and Countywide Summary Plan[CSP]