Snow Removal

Snow removal operations are part of the County road budget which is financed through our share of State allocations from gasoline sales taxes and vehicle registration fees. Over 2800 miles of County roads must be maintained throughout the year with these rather limited funds.

The necessity for serving mountain area residents in a comparatively short, but devastating snow season can seriously affect the road maintenance program for the entire County. We ask your patience and understanding during these times.

Snow Removal Guide
Snow Removal Video
Snow Removal FAQ
Snow Plowing Routes

Big Bear Lake
Forest Falls, Angelus Oaks, Barton Flats, Oak Glen
Lake Arrowhead
Phelan, Piñon Hills, Oak Hills
Running Springs
Wrightwood, Mt Baldy, Lytle Creek, Devore

*Note: The snowplow maps display general primary and secondary routes. The routes are subject to change based on weather conditions.

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