National Trails Highway - Route 66

The County of San Bernardino maintains National Trails Highway (Route 66) as shown on our interactive maps.

The information on this page pertains to the reach from the easterly edge of Barstow (Nebo Street) to the Mountain Springs Rd/I-40 entrance. This section of the roadway has 127 timber bridges that are 80+ years old and are experiencing advanced deterioration that can cause periodic road closures and weight restrictions. This page provides status information for several ongoing efforts to Improve and restore the roadway.

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Bridge Maintenance

Caltrans provides inspection services for bridges in California. Reports are provided to local agencies who use these reports (along with their own evaluations) to schedule routine repairs or to identify more complex repairs that will be performed by an outside contractor using engineered plans as funding is made available.

The County Department of Public Works utilizes its own bridge and roadway maintenance crews to perform routine repairs and select timber member replacements, guardrail repair, and roadway repairs. More complex repairs are sent to outside contractors as funding is identified and made available. To report a road repair, please use “Report a road problem”.


Bridge Maintenance
Bridge Maintenance 2

Bridge Replacements

The State of California (Caltrans) oversees the Federal bridge program on behalf of the Federal Highways Administration. The funds for the program are only for bridges with spans over 20 feet. This section of National Trails highway(Route 66) has 96 bridges over 20 feet and 31 under 20 feet. To learn more, visit the Federal Highway Bridge program.

The County has received Federal Funds for two bridges and are planning to replace them in 2016. These bridges are located east of Kelbaker Road. Due to designation of Route 66 as a registered historic highway, non-traditional designs are being developed that satisfy the unique cultural and biological requirements for this area. The designs used for these two bridges will help guide future replacements and assist in streamlining the process.

In January 2015, the department hired a consulting firm to evaluate all of the bridges and to develop a funding strategy over a multi year period. The bridges will be grouped and prioritized for federal funding submittal. The funding is not guaranteed and these bridges must compete state wide for the federal funds. For bridges under 20 feet, other source s of funding must be found.


Overall Bridge replacement NOP

National Trails Highway/Route 66 Road Closures

This area of the Mojave desert is subject to extreme weather conditions including summer monsoonal moisture. Flash flooding can and does occur and can damage bridges causing periodic road closures. In August 2014 over 40 bridges were damaged due to flash flooding. Sections have been re-opening as repairs are completed. For all current road closures and anticipated re-openings refer to our Road Closures page.

Route 66 Road Closures

Route 66 Road Closures
Route 66 Road Closures

I-40 Closure Impacts

Closure Impacts
During closures on I-40, vehicles trapped can be severely impacted by the closure conditions or weight restrictions on National Trails Highway. County, Caltrans, CHP, National Parks Service, BNSF, and many others are coordinating efforts to keep motorists informed and to work on solutions.

Keep informed on Caltrans I-40 closures.

New I-40 Warning Signs

Bridge Weight Restrictions

General deteriorating condition of aging 80+ year old timber bridges have resulted in weight restrictions for several reaches.

Department of Public Works' (DPW) consultant hired in early 2014 provided new weight restrictions on 10 additional bridges due to their accelerated deterioration.  New postings were installed in September 2014. Note: Some sections are restricted to vehicles under 3 tons.

It is anticipated, further postings will occur as further evaluations from the new consultant are completed. 

And this table shows all the current postings.

Bridge Weight Restrictions

Bridge Weight Restrictions21T

Bridge Weight Restrictions7.25T

BLM Route 66 Corridor Management Plan

The Department of Public Works is coordinating closely with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on their Corridor Management plan and providing input on various webinars as the plan develops. Please visit the BLMs webpage for this plan.

Additional Information

Contact us at: Department of Public Works Operations: 909-387-8040