Transportation Permits

Permits Operation Support Division, Transportation Permit Section, is responsible for issuing permits for work within the County road right-of-way. All work within the County road right-of-way requires a permit from the Department of Public Works. Information may be obtained by calling (909) 387-1863. For Oversized Moving Permit please call (909) 387-8046.

EXCAVATION PERMITS allow excavations of County CMRS.  Examples: utility connections. 

ENCROACHMENT PERMITS allow encroachment onto County CMRS rights-of-way.  Examples: power poles, block walls, or carports.

TRACT/CONSTRUCTION PERMITS allow encroachments to an existing County facility and new construction of roads. 

SPECIAL EVENTS PERMITS are required for temporary uses of County CMRS right of ways.  Examples: community events or for filming.

TREE PERMITS are free but are required for cutting, replacing and removing trees within County CMRS right of ways.

ROAD CLOSURE are required for closing a CMRS road for any length of time.


The following forms are available for downloading: