Flood Control Permits

All work within and access to the Flood Control District right-of-way, even on a temporary basis, requires a permit from the Flood Control District. Permits Operation Support Division, Flood Control Permit Section, is responsible for issuing permits for work within San Bernardino County Flood Control District right-of-way. Information may be obtained by calling (909) 387-1863.

Permit Fees

Fees are set by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and the fee schedule is available below. Fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change. Current Permit Section fees are listed in the San Bernardino County Flood Control District Schedule of Fees Ordinances No. FCD 17-01.

Fee Schedule 17-01

Plan Requirements/Reviews

  • Permit application package. The submitted package shall contain the following minimum requirements:
  • Fully completed and signed flood control permit application form.
  • Six sets of plans, signed by a registered civil engineer.
  • A filing fee in accordance with the latest fee schedule. Inspection fee will be assessed and payable at the completion of the permit review and prior to permit issuance. Cities, state, public agencies and non-profit organizations/agencies may be exempt from providing filing fee. Call for details.
  • Applications that involve storm drain connections or channel improvements shall be accompanied by three sets of hydrology and hydraulic calculations.

Guidance for Flood Control Permits

Flood Control Permit Application Package

Permit Application Checklist

Flood Control Permit Amendment Application

Army Corps 408 NEPA application

Certificate of Insurance

  1. Additional information may be required after staff has completed a cursory review of the application package.
  2. Prior to permit issuance, a certificate of insurance will be required from the permittee and/or contractor.
  3. Requirements for permits are subject to change without notice.