Road Closures and Weight Restrictions

There are numerous bridge replacement projects occurring in the next several years that will require the closure of portions of National Trails Highway. Additionally, this area of the Mojave Desert is subject to extreme weather conditions including summer monsoonal moisture. Flash flooding can and does occur and can damage bridges causing periodic road closures. In August 2014, over 40 bridges were damaged due to flash flooding as shown in the photos below. Sections of National Trails Highway (Route 66) have been re-opening as repairs are completed. For all current road closures and anticipated re-openings, refer to our  Road Closures page.

Picture of damaged bridge   Picture of damaged bridge   Picture of damaged bridge

I-40 Closure Impacts

During closures on I-40, vehicles may become trapped on I-40 by closure conditions or weight restrictions on National Trails Highway which is often used as an alternate route during I-40 closures. The County, Caltrans, CHP, National Parks Service, BNSF, and many others are coordinating efforts to keep motorists informed and to work on solutions.

Keep informed on Caltrans I-40 closures

Bridge Weight Restrictions

The deteriorating condition of aging 80+ year old timber bridges has resulted in weight restrictions for several reaches of National Trails Highway (Route 66).

Department of Public Works' consultant hired in early 2014 provided new weight restrictions on 10 additional bridges due to their accelerated deterioration. New postings were installed in September 2014. Note: Some sections are restricted to vehicles under 3 tons. It is anticipated that additional postings will occur as further evaluations by the consultant are completed.

View the current postings.

Bridge Weight Restrictions

Bridge Weight Restrictions  21T

Bridge Weight Restrictions   7.25T