Funding and Future Projects


The State of California (Caltrans) oversees the federal Highway Bridge Program (HBP) on behalf of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The funds for HBP are only for bridges with spans over 20 feet in length. This section of National Trails Highway (Route 66) has 96 bridges over 20 feet and 33 bridges under 20 feet. To learn more, visit the Federal Highway Bridge Program.

In January 2015, the Department of Public Works hired a consulting firm to evaluate all of the bridges and to develop a funding strategy over a multi-year period. The bridges have been grouped and prioritized for federal funding submittal. The funding is not guaranteed and the County must compete with other agencies state wide for the federal funds.

The first group of bridges (9 Bridges) submitted for HBP funding.

Additionally, approximately 33 bridges are less than 20 feet in length (shown below) and are not eligible for HBP funding. These bridges are being designed and moving through the environmental approval phase. Once design is complete and environmental approval is received, construction funding will be sought after. 

Less than 20 feet Bridge Map