Budget & Finance

Budget and Finance Section is responsible for preparing, monitoring, and publishing monthly, quarterly and annual budget reports, including budget studies for the Flood Control City Engineer Meetings.  In addition, this section is responsible for administrating the work order system, revenue claiming, analyzing and implementing fees, monitoring cash and performing cash flow forecast, assisting in the acquisition of letters of credit and the preparation of the annual disclosure to satisfy bond holders, and providing financial and contract administration for the National Pollutant Discharge Program.  Developing the annual road budget, financial management of the road fund, Measure "I" program, and  developer fee programs.

Recommended/Adopted Budgets

For Information Contact

Flood Control
Aimee Westrom
Budget Officer

Solid Waste Management
Josue Palos
Administrative Supervisor II


Kathleen Gonzalez
Budget Officer

Procurement Support Section

Procurement Support Section is responsible for procuring materials and services necessary to perform maintenance on the County of San Bernardino's maintained roads and flood control facilities. This section continuously solicits new vendors to provide: Road Materials; Heavy Equipment Rentals; Debris, Erosion and Sediment Control Services; and Tree Trimming and Removal Services.
Request for Qualifications Tentative Timeline