Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division oversees all aspects of the department’s finances from establishing the $393 million budget for 103 funds to the financial reporting of revenues and expenditures. This division is responsible for setting the budget, monitoring the budget, and adjusting the adopted budget on a quarterly basis, monitoring cash, processing payments and receipts, reporting expenses and revenues, preparing reimbursement claims, procuring materials, equipment and supplies for the operations division, managing bonds, analyzing and implementing fees, overseeing audits performed within the department and recommending and implementing policies and procedures to improve internal controls.

The division is also responsible for the day to day operation of the graphics – central reproduction services section which provides support for the department through imaging services including copies of documents, booklet making, scanning services, map and plan reproducing, color copies etc.

In addition, the division has responsibility for the department’s Information Technology (IT) section which includes development of a Technology Plan – providing tactical and strategic IT direction that assists the department in achieving business goals and objectives; IT Governance Committee –assists with the prioritization of the planning, development, and implementation of management information system projects for the department; IT Support Services – provides business application systems support, business process improvement analysis and documentation, business intelligence data gathering, project management, coordinates IT activities with the Innovation and Technology Department and external vendors, coordinates application system training, provides IT departmental infrastructure and daily information technology desktop support.

For Information Contact

Aimee Westrom
Chief Financial Officer