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Shrubs & Trees

The following are recommended shrubs and trees:

BROWN-EYES ROCKROSE Is a low, spreading evergreen shrub, which is drought- and fire-resistant.
CALIFORNIA LAUREL Is a California native tree recommended for erosion control and fire resistance.
CALIFORNIA PEPPER Is a drought-tolerant tree. This tree shows fair resistance to fire when it is well maintained and litter is not allowed to accumulate.
CARMEL CREEPER Is a low-growing, drought-resistant, evergreen shrub with thick leaves and blue flowers in the spring. It is used as individual specimens or in clumps of two or three plants. A single plant will spread up to 10 feet wide.
CAROB Is a readily available tree commonly used in landscapes, parks, and streets in Southern California. It is pest free and tolerant of alkaline soil and drought. It also shows fire resistance.
ITALIAN BUCKTHORN Is a large evergreen shrub or small tree with green leaves. It bears blue berries in the fall, and is extremely drought-tolerant.
LEMONADE BERRY Is a native shrub that is very drought-tolerant once it is established.
OLEANDER Is a sturdy, tough, attractive summer-flowering shrub that is drought-tolerant. The plant grows to a height of 20 feet and may reach a width of 26 feet. It will grow in any soil and can withstand wind and heat. This shrub is quite fire-resistant even under non-irrigated conditions.

    CAUTION: Although widely grown, it should be realized that all parts of this plant, including dried leaves, are poisonous. A child can become severely ill from eating a few leaves. The smoke from burning Oleander brush affects some people.

TOYON Is one of the best California natives. This drought-resistant plant bears red berries that remain for many months. It should be used as a large specimen shrub or tree.