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Landscape Burned or Unburned Areas and Reduce Fire Hazard

PREVENT Erosion with: Quick growing, fire retardant ground covers planted on contours, burlap mats, straw mulch, or chemicals.
CONTROL Regrowth of Chaparral-type brush.
PLANT Grass or succulent ground covers surrounding all structures.
PLANT Only fire-retardant ornamentals.
PLANT Screens of fire-retardant shrubs or trees where ground cover or grass ends.
ELIMINATE Or reduce Chaparral-type plants that serve as fuel.
LEAVE Space between remaining shrubs and trees so they will not carry fire easily.
KEEP Landscape clean. Remove litter under trees and shrubs and prune out dead growth. Remove dead and dried portions of ground covers and succulents.
INCREASE Effectiveness of fire-retardant plantings with a high pressure sprinkler system.
NATIVE BRUSH Should be cleaned within 30 feet of buildings and brush limited to 18 inches in height to within 70 feet of buildings.
ONLY A limited number of specimen shrubs and trees can be allowed within 30 feet of a building.
Uncontrolled Chaparral Growth
Uncontrolled Chaparral Growth
Homes Protected by Clearing
Homes Protected by Clearing