Career Development Scholarship Guidelines

One of the central goals of the County Women’s Network is to foster the personal and professional growth and development of women. To that end, CWN established a Scholarship Fund in 1999. Scholarship funds may be applied toward any course of study that fosters personal and career growth. This may include, but is not limited to Seminars, PERC Courses, Vocational Training, all levels of College courses and Books.

Eligibility Guidelines:

1.     Applicants must be active members of CWN, in good standing for a minimum of the past six months, consecutively.

2.     The application must be received by the stated deadline. The Scholarship Committee will not review incomplete or late applications.

3.     Eligible CWN members may apply at each scholarship application cycle. However, members can only be awarded one scholarship per fiscal year (July-June).


1.     Applications must be filled out completely and accurately. It is extremely important your name not appear on the supplemental portion of the application, in order to maintain an unbiased rating process.

2.     Applications will be solicited twice per year, with notices being sent out to all members. The awards cycles are Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer.

3.     The applicant must indicate what she intends to use the scholarship for.

4.     Scholarship requests for this application cycle can be for any amount up to $250

Selection Guidelines:

1.     Current members of the Scholarship Committee and Human Resources advisor(s) are not eligible to apply.

2.     The application process is anonymous. Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis.

3.     The Scholarship Committee reviews the responses to the supplemental questions and scores based upon predetermined criteria.

4.     Upon selection the candidate(s) must submit a signed Scholarship Agreement accepting responsibility for furnishing the required documentation (receipts) and evidence of satisfactory completion of the course/program of study.


       1. The results of the selection process are not subject to review.


1.     Review each question carefully.

2.     Answer each question as clearly and concisely as possible.

3.     Review your scholarship prior to submitting it.