( Note: these Bylaws are being updated by the CWN Board after the August 31, 2017 Board Meeting). 


Section A    The name of the organization is County Women's Network, hereinafter referred to as CWN.

Section B    The CWN shall be a non-profit organization for women.

ARTICLE II - Objectives

1.  Foster personal, as well as professional growth and development, and promotion of women by using the CWN's assets and resources for the benefit of the members.
2    Share knowledge and expertise by creating a mentoring and sponsoring environment.
3.  Increase visibility of women in the workforce, promote awareness and equality in the workplace, and recognize accomplishments of members.
4.  Provide opportunities to meet and exchange ideas and information, and to expand members' knowledge of governmental procedures and functions.

ARTICLE III - Membership and Dues

Section A

    There shall be three (3) types of membership:  Regular, Associate, and Honorary.

1.  Regular membership shall be open to all County employees, employees of offices governed by the Board of Supervisors, SANBAG, LAFCO, and Superintendent of Public Schools, and employees of the Superior Court of San Bernardino County, regardless of classification or length of employment.
2.  Associate membership shall be open to all those who support the CWN's objectives.  Associate members are entitled to all rights of regular members except the right to vote or hold elected office.
3.  Honorary membership may be bestowed annually upon an individual recognized by the majority of a current CWN Board of Directors.

Section B    Annual dollar amount of dues shall be recommended by the CWN's Board and subject to a majority approval of the voting membership.  Dues shall be assessed on an annual or biannual basis in conjunction with the County's fiscal year.  Members join for the first time during the period January 1 to April 30 shall be assessed one-half (1/2) the annual dues for that year.*

Regular and Associate members shall be assessed annual dues of $35 per year.  Honorary members are not assessed an annual dues amount. 

Section C  Membership shall begin upon a payment of annual dues or, where applicable, prorated dues and shall continue as long as the member remains in good standing, which is defined as current on dues and no debts or obligations owed to the CWN.

Section D  In order to serve the needs of the members' countywide, programs will be established in West Valley and Desert Regions.

ARTICLE IV - Board of Directors

Section A   The Board of Directors shall consist of fifteen (15) duly elected or appointed officers and the immediate Past President, known as Past President.  The term of office for the Board of Directors shall be one (1) year, except for the Directors of Programs, Mentoring, and Membership.  These offices will be two-year terms with staggered elections.  The term of office for the first position will expire on June 30 of odd numbered fiscal years, and the term of office for the second position will expire on June 30 of even numbered fiscal years.

All members of the Board of Directors shall attend all Board and regular meetings.

Section B    The fifteen (15) elected officials are:
                      Vice President
                       Director of Programs (1st Position)
                       Director of Programs (2nd Position)
                       Director of Membership (1st Position)
                       Director of Membership (2nd Position)
                       Director of Publicity
                       Director of Special Projects
                       Director of Mentoring (1st Position)
                       Director of Mentoring (2nd Position)
                       Director of West Valley REgion
                       Director of Desert Regions
                       Director of Community Service

Section C      The President shall call meetings of the Board to transact the business of the CWN.  Any Board member may request that the President call a meeting.  Each Board member shall receive notice of Board meetings at least three (3) days in advance, either verbally or in writing. Board members shall attend all Board meetings, unless excused. No Business of the CWN shall be transacted unless a majority of the Board is present.

Section D      The general duties of each office shall be listed in the Standing Rules.  The Board may assign additional tasks not specifically outlines in the Standing Rules.

Section E      The Past President shall be a non-voting member of the Board of Directors.

Section F       An elected office shall be declared vacant by the President if an officer fails without cause to attend three (3) consecutive Board meetings, resigns the office, or is separated from the County or offices governed by the Board of Supervisors, SANBAG, LAFCO, Superintendent of Public Schools, or the Superior Court of San Bernardino County.
Section G       If a vacancy occurs on the Board of Directors, the President shall make an appointment to the vacated position upon recommendation of the Nominations and Elections committee, with the approval of a majority of the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE V - Committees

Section A        There shall be one standing committee - Nominations and Elections.  There will be two Steering Committees, one for the West Valley and one for the Desert Regions.  Each steering committee will be chaired by the Director representing that region.  The Board may also establish additional ad hoc committees as needed.

Section B        Each standing committee shall consist of a minimum of three (3) CWN members appointed by the Chair.

Section C        The Chairs of the Standing Committees shall present progress reports of ongoing committee activities at the Board meetings.  All project-type committee activities shall be presented to the Board of Directors for Approval prior to implementation.  Projects shall not be carried out without prior Board approval.

ARTICLE VI - Meetings and Quorum

Section A        There shall be a minimum of six (6) regular meetings of the CWN each year to promote CWN objectives and to transact such business as shall come before the regular membership.

Section B        No business of the CWN shall be conducted at any regular meeting unless there is a quorum present.  A quorum shall be any thirty-three (33) members in good standing.

ARTICLE VII - Nominations and Elections

Section A        Nominations and Elections Committee:
    1.  Nominations and Elections Committee shall be chaired by a CWN member appointed by the President and shall be responsible for nominating a slate of candidates for the annual election and for soliciting nominations for offices to be filled during the year.
    2.  The President shall appoint the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee during the first quarter following the election and installation of new officers.  The Committee members' terms of office shall expire concurrently with the term of the office of the elected officers.  Any regular member in good standing is eligible for appointment to this Committee.
    3.  The President shall publish and distribute the names and mail stations of Committee members to all CWN members, either in the newsletter or by separate correspondence.
    4.  It shall be the duty of the Committee to solicit suggestions from members for nominations for offices to be filled. 
    5.  The Committee shall be responsible for proposing nominees for office to the regular members of the annual election and to the Board to fill vacancies that occur during the year.
    6.  The Committee shall study the leadership needs of the CWN and propose a slate of candidates with a minimum of one (1) nominee for election to each office.  The consent of each nominee must be obtained before inclusion on the slate.
    7.  Members of the Committee may not be nominated for any CWN elected office unless they first resign from the Committee.

Section B The Nominations and Elections Committee shall report its slate of nominations for CWN Board

of Directors at the regular April meeting. Nominations may be made from the floor for any

office, with the prior consent of the nominee, for inclusion on the ballot.

Section C Elections:

1. Elections shall place annually by ballot.

2. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall mail ballots presenting the nominee(s) for each office to all

regular members in good standing after the general meeting in April.

3. At the option of the Committee, voted ballots shall be mailed to a designated member of the Committee at

least one (1) week prior to the regular May meeting.

4. Voted ballots shall be counted and the results announced by the Committee at the regular May meeting.

5. The candidate receiving the most votes shall be declared elected provided, however, that a quorum (thirtythree)

has voted.

6. No member may be elected to more than one office in a single election.

7. Nominations may be made from the floor for any office, unfilled by this election process, with the consent

of the nominee, and a vote by voice or by hand shall elect the officer.

Section D Newly elected officers shall be installed by June 30 following announcement by the Nominations

and Elections Committee of the results of the balloting. No member shall serve more than two

(2) consecutive terms in the same office.


Section A The fiscal year shall be from the first day of July through the last day of June.

Section B The CWN budget shall be prepared annually by the Treasurer. The budget shall be submitted to

the Board of Directors during the first quarter and be available for approval and adoption by the

CWN Board of Directors by the end of the first quarter.

Section C The Treasurer shall sign all CWN checks. All checks must be co-signed by the President, the

Vice President, or the Secretary.

Section D A review of CWN funds shall be made annually by an ad hoc Financial Review Committee

appointed by the President. The financial review shall be completed and available to members

by October 1 of each year. An annual Operating Statement and Balance Sheet prepared by the

Treasurer shall be published at the end of the fiscal year and available to all members by August

1 of each year.


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CWN meetings and publications shall not be used as a forum for political endorsements or campaigning.

Furthermore, articles appearing in CWN publications shall not include reference to any active election

campaigns. The organization shall refrain from any aspect of political action.


Section A Proposed amendments to the CWN Bylaws or its Standing Rules may be introduced by

submitting a written copy of the proposal to the Vice President for consideration. The Vice

President shall present the proposed amendment to the Board of Directors for consideration at its

next meeting. If the Board of Directors recommends the proposed amendment for adoption, the

proposed amendment shall be advanced as follows:

1. Proposed amendments to the CWN Bylaws will be submitted to a vote of the membership and approved

upon majority vote of the regular voting members.

2. Proposed amendments to the CWN Standing Rules will be submitted to a vote of the CWN Board of

Directors and approved upon majority vote of its voting members.

Section B Bylaws and Standing Rules amendments shall become effective immediately upon completion of

counting the ballots unless otherwise stated on the ballot. If the requisite number of members

approves Bylaws and/or Standing Rules amendments, the President shall communicate the

results to the membership within 30 days of the ballot counting, either in the Newsletter or by

separate correspondence.


Upon dissolution of the CWN, the remaining assets of the organization shall be disbursed to any bona fide nonprofit

or governmental organization in a manner determined by a majority vote of those members present and

voting at a special meeting called by the President. No member of the CWN shall derive any pecuniary gain or

profit from the disposition of assets of this organization.


The parliamentary authority of the CWN shall be Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.


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