Tracy R. Sulprizio – President

I have been employed with the County for 16 years, and have been a secretary for the last 12 years.  I’ve worked for the Auditor/Controller’s Office, Public Health, the District Attorney’s Office, County Counsel, and Human Services.  I currently work as a Secretary I with the Human Services – Personnel department.

I enjoy being President for the County Women’s Network and take great pride in the position.   I am also the Past President for the Leadership Development Network (LDN), and am on the Board of the newly formed San Bernardino Valley College History Club as well, where I serve as the Secretary.





Lainisha Cooper – Vice President






Tanay Colon - Treasurer






Cynthia Otter - Secretary

I began my career with the San Bernardino County Fire Department twelve years ago in February 2002. I currently hold a position as an Office Assistant III (OA III) for the Vehicle Services Division.  I have worked in several diverse divisions of the Fire Department; Office Of The Fire Marshal (OFM) in the Hazardous Materials Division, Fire Prevention-Community Safety Division, and Household Hazardous Waste Division (HHW).  Throughout my career I have learned how to maintain a positive outlook.

My main purpose and goal as a Board Member is to learn, and give back what I’ve learned from this organization to other individuals.  In addition to CWN, I am also a member of the Leadership Development Network (LDN), and have been accepted to the Management Leadership Academy (MLA), Class of 2014.  I look forward to continue improving as an individual and gaining knowledge from these organizations, and to someday become a thriving and proficient leader.





Jackie Korsak - Director of Membership

I’ve been employed with the county for 27 years. I currently work with the Department of Information Services as a Fiscal Assistant in Accounts Payable.  Previously coming to the Department of Information Services in June 2007, I worked at Department of Behavioral Health as a Fiscal Assistant for 9 years in the same classification.  I requested a transfer and I was fortunate to be able to work with the Department of Information Services.  I needed a change and I took the chance ladies and asked for a transfer.  I want to say fearless living pays off.  If you feel you would be better off making a move then I would say do it.  So, the other experiences… I had with the County have been in HSS Auditing in Collections as Accounts Receivable Fiscal Clerk I.  The 1st permanent job was in the Probation Department as a Clerk.

I have been in the CWN group off and on over the years.  The past few years being active . I enjoyed the Mentoring program which is offered with this group.  I believe in giving back to those that have helped me.  I also love helping people.  So, here I am I got to learn more and be around fabulous woman who work in the County.

I love horsebackriding and now scooting around on my scooter. If you are interested just ask me. Maybe we can start one of these clubs too in the CWN group. 




Renee Urquidez - 2nd Director of Membership

I have been employed with the County of San Bernardino for 25 years.  I currently work at the Assessor's Office in Mapping Services as a Cadastral Mapping Technician II.  I promoted to the Assessor's office as a Title Transfer Technician Trainee in December 1991 and have promoted 3 times since my arrival here.  I work at DPSS Auditing as a Fiscal Clerk I from 1989 to 1991, and before that, I started my County career at the Superior Court as a Calendar Clerk in March 1989.  I have also been involved with most of the San Bernardino Registar of Voters Elections working as Elections Clerk, Assistant Supervisor, and Supervisor since 2001.  I am also a Notary Public.

I have been a CWN member off and on over the years.  This year is my first time being active with the Board.  I have gained much knowledge from the CWN froup and the many interesting speakers we have been fortunate to have over the years.

Some of my other interests include selling various items on eBay, Bingo, and I am a coupon fanatic!








Melissa Honold - 1st Director of Mentoring








Denise Lassiter - 2nd Director of Mentoring







Lucille Hankton - Director of Community Services







Angela Fletcher - Director of Special Projects 










Mary Ashley - Director of Programs 





Hazel Lambert – Immediate Past President

I joined CWN in 2001, and participated as a protégé in the Mentoring Program.  During my membership with the organization I served in several capacities.  In 2002, I served as Vice-President of Special Projects and implemented the annual holiday boutique.  I remained active after my term on the board and volunteered on a number of committees.  In 2008, I participated as a mentor and followed that up with a two year term as Director of Mentoring in 2009.  As the current President of CWN I am committed to enhancing programs that encourage leadership and support members’ personal and professional endeavors.