In order to be directed by a common purpose, the County Women’s Network has identified essential beliefs and values consistent with achieving our organizational mission. The Network’s objectives are:

    • Foster personal as well as professional growth and development and promotion of women by using the Network’s assets and resources for the benefit of the members.

    • Share knowledge and expertise by creating a mentoring and sponsoring environment.

    • Increase visibility of women in the workforce, promote awareness and equality in the workplace, and recognize accomplishments of members.

    • Provide opportunities to meet and exchange ideas and information, and to expand members’ knowledge of governmental procedures and functions.

    Accordingly, the following ethical precepts serve as guiding principles, affording members and the organization a sense of unity and direction.


    All members shall interact in an honest, fair manner, always respectful of others.


    The organization’s strength lies in the diversity of its membership. The members embrace that strength of diversity with respect to age, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language and socio-economic status.

     Equality of Opportunity

    The membership advocates the professional growth and development of women, their advancement and promotion, their representation at all levels of County government.


    The essential purpose of the Network is to create a sponsoring, growth-oriented environment by creating and implementing a mentoring program for the membership. Mentors shall be dedicated to assisting in the professional development of the mentee; the mentee shall value and utilize the guidance of the mentor and have as a goal transitioning herself as a future mentor.

    Organizational Relationships

    Members shall conduct themselves appropriately and professional in their interactions with others. Our environment will be one open to discussion, exchange of divergent views, differing strategies and approaches-all with the goal of working as team players and building consensus in our decision-making process and unity in effecting our decision-making.

    Officer Responsibility

    As agents of the membership, officers shall conduct themselves ethically and responsibly on behalf of the Network. Working in conjunction with one another, the officers shall function as a team and utilize consensus-building approaches in leading and directing the organization as determined by the members and in conformance with the by-laws.