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Rental Dwelling Unit License

In accordance with Ordinance 4044, effective July 1, 2008 all single and multi-family rental dwellings in the unincorporated areas of the County are required to maintain a valid “Rental Dwelling Unit License.” This license applies to rentals lasting 30 or more consecutive days in any consecutive 12-month period.  This requirement is in addition to other permits that may be required (e.g., Health, Building & Safety, Fire, etc.). The Rental Dwelling Unit License is processed and issued by the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors for a one year period. This site provides access to information and application materials related to the Rental Dwelling Unit License.

Informational Brochure An overview of the rental dwelling unit program, license requirements, application process and fee waiver. 
Rental Dwelling Unit License Ordinance Follow this link to view the text of Ordinance 4044, the Rental Dwelling Unit License ordinance, in the County Code. 
License Application Follow this link to the on-line Rental Dwelling Unit License application form. 
Sheriff’s Crime Free Multi-
Housing Program

(909) 387-3700 
Contact the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Public Affairs Division for information about this program. Rental dwelling unit owners participating in this program may be eligible for waiver of the license fee. 
Environmental Health Services
Public Health Department
(800) 442-2283
Contact the Environmental Health Services Division of the County Public Health Department for information about health permit requirements. 
Building & Safety Division
Land Use Services Department
(909) 387-8311 
Contact the Building & Safety Division of the County Land Use Services Department for information about building safety requirements. 

Code Enforcement Division
Land Use Services Department
(909) 884-4056 OR
(760) 995-8140

Contact Code Enforcement to report violations. 
County Fire
(909) 386-8401
Contact County Fire for information about fire safety requirements.