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Business Licenses

The County requires certain businesses operating in the county unincorporated areas to obtain and maintain a business license. In accordance with County Code, the following businesses must obtain and maintain a current, valid business license. This requirement is in addition to other permits that may be required by the County (e.g., Health, Fire, Land Use Services Departments) and/or the State of California. County Business Licenses are processed and issued by the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors and this site provides information and application materials related to County Business Licenses.


Information and application materials are available here. Please see the “Clerk of the Board Fees” page on this site for current licensing fee information.


Adult-Oriented Business Performer Application  County Code 
Adult-Oriented Business Non-Performer Application County Code
Bingo Games  Application  County Code 
Hotel/Motel  Application  |  Instructions  County Code 
Junk Dealer  Application  County Code 
Massage Clinic  Application  |  Instructions  County Code 
Pawnbroker  Application  County Code 
Peddler  Application  |  Instructions  County Code 
Private Patrol  Application  County Code 
Salvage Collector  Application  County Code 
Secondhand Dealer  Application  County Code 
Solicitor  Application  |  Instructions  County Code 
Taxi Service  Application  County Code 

Additional Resources

Business License Information Sheet  Additional information and contacts for County business licenses. 
Business Permits Made Simple  Governor’s Office of Economic Development CalGOLD website 
Business Property Tax  County Assessor
Fictitious Business Name  Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk 
Fire Inspection/Certification  County Fire/Fire Marshal 
Health Permits  Public Health/Environmental Health Services
Land Use Permits  Land Use Services
State of California, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement  State licensing/registration/certification information for certain businesses