Vision in Action

All elements of the Countywide Vision are in action and our efforts are moving us closer to acheiving the goals of a complete county.

We partner with local business and educators to help us produce an educated workforce capable of sustaining our economic prosperity in the future.

We partner with water agencies to conserve and plan for the future of our communities and environment.

We establish goals for health and wellness and remove physical and psychological barriers to healthy habits.

Read examples of the Vision in Action below.

Education: Alliance for Education

Alliance For Education: The Alliance for Education is San Bernardino County's premier partnership between businesses and education communities, fostering Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) learning both in and out of the classroom. From kindergarten through college, students and their families, educators and businesses make an equal investment and commitment to achieve the goal of producing an educated and skilled workforce that ensures the economic well-being for San Bernardino County.

The Alliance for Education is dedicated to preparing today's local youth for successful STEM careers with the end goal of having local businesses hire San Bernardino County graduates. From tutoring, mentorship and family involvement programs — the Alliance for Education is here to help students and families prepare for the future.

Water: Countywide Water Inventory

Countywide Water Inventory: A group made up of the county's water agencies, business representatives and other stakeholders was formed to come up with solutions to challenges faced by our growing county as it strives to meet water needs.

The group determined that acting separately, the county would not have enough water through 2035, but when water agencies' resources are combined, more than enough water exists to meet the needs of San Bernardino County residents and businesses through 2035. But that is only if water users step-up conservation efforts and the public and local government leaders are willing to invest in projects that will store and protect additional water supplies.

In December 2012, the Countywide Water Inventory was honored when it earned the 2012 Good Government Award from the Building Industry Association Baldy View Chapter.

Countywide Vision Water Element Presentation

Wellness: Community Vital Signs

Community Vital Signs: Community Vital Signs is a partnership between the community and the County that builds upon the Countywide Vision plan to establish a health improvement framework. The framework will encompasses policy, education, environment and systems change and improve upon the Wellness Element of the Countywide Vision process by analyzing the health of the region, identifying barriers to services, and establishing health priorities for the County. Its goal is to improve the health of all County residents and the well-being of the community. Community Vital Signs will use data analysis, priority health indicators and outcomes to provide a foundation for future planning.

Wellness: HEAL ZONES


HEAL ZONES: Our region benefits from the strong presence and healthcare leadership of Kaiser Permanente, Loma Linda University Medical Center and Arrowhead Regional Medical Center among others.  A great example of a Wellness and healthcare success for our County is Kaiser's HEAL program.

The City of Ontario was one of six Southern California communities that received a $1 million grant from Kaiser Permanente Southern California to encourage people in Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Zones to eat better and become more physically active as part of daily life.

HEAL Zones focus on three specific goals over the next three years: Decrease calorie consumption, especially sugar-sweetened beverages; increase consumption of healthy food and beverages such as fresh fruits and vegetables; and increase physical activity.

At the end of the three-year program, the communities will incorporate walking and biking on safe routes; buying affordable fresh fruits and vegetables close to home; exercising in parks, and participating in active after-school programs as part of daily life.