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What would it be like to lose all our citrus including the tree in your backyard to an imported fatal disease?

The disease Huanglongbing also known as Citrus Greening, is a lethal disease of citrus trees and may be present in citrus trees in Southern California. This disease can be spread from tree to tree by the Asian Citrus Psyllid which currently is present throughout San Bernardino County. Controlling the psyllid is the only way to help prevent your citrus from becoming infected by the lethal disease.

All of San Bernardino County is quarantined to prevent the spread of Asian Citrus Psyllids. Do not ship or mail citrus, including fruit, without complying with the quarantine restrictions.

Why Treat?

Treating to reduce the number of psyllids is very similar to getting an annual flu shot; it may not prevent you from getting the flu, but it certainly improves your odds of not getting the disease or if you do get the flu, the flu won’t be as bad. The same is true for the citrus disease; you may still get an infected tree, but all your trees might not get infected. The more vigilant you are in treating your citrus to control the psyllids, the more likely you will be to not get the disease!

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