The Registration process for San Bernardino has changed. 

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   - Required for pesticide use on Agricultural Locations

                 Note: All properties with 25 or more fruit trees present are considered

                 "Commercial Agricultural Production" sites even if no harvesting takes place.



    Safety Precautions for Total Release Foggers  CLICK HERE



2019 Pesticide Business Registrations


 Structural pest control registration   (Instruction Letter)

  BRANCH 1 - Structural Pest Control Business REGISTRATION FORM

  BRANCH 2 & 3 - Structural Pest Control Business REGISTRATION FORM


Structural Pesticide Enforcement Stamp Order Form - Link to CA Structural Pest Control Board



 Agricultural pest control registration   (Instruction Letter)           

Agricultural Pest Control Business REGISTRATION FORM


 Maintenance Gardener registration   (Instruction Letter)

 Maintenance Gardener Business REGISTRATION FORM


Farm Labor Contractor registration   (Instruction Letter)

Farm Labor Contractor REGISTRATION FORM

Farm Labor Contractor Safety Sheet  (required)


Pest Control Advisers     Online Registration Only

Instruction Letter - Pest Control Adviser

Pest Control Adviser REGISTRATION FORM  -  submit via email   


Pest Control Pilots    Online Registration Only 

Instruction Letter - Pest Control Aircraft Pilot

Pest Control Aircraft Pilot REGISTRATION FORM  -  submit via email