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VIDEO: Runway Safety @ Chino Airport

Provided and published by the Federal Aviation Administration.


Chino Airport (CNO) in Southern California is a general aviation facility with a diverse mix of traffic and pilot experience. This video provides information for pilots flying into CNO, including runway incursion hotspots, wrong surface operations and flight training areas. By increasing awareness of the challenges pilots face on the ground, we can reduce the likelihood of runway incursions and maintain the safest aviation system in the world.

Chino Airport

Located at the Heart of the Southern California economy, Chino Airport (CNO) is found in the County of San Bernardino within minutes of Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties. It is the largest non-commercial airport with a 20-mile radius in the region making it a leading general aviation airport of choice for independent pilots, students and trainers and corporate users.

Within 30 minute driving area from Chino are many of the nation’s fastest growing and most profitable companies and highly sought out tourist destinations.

A base for business jets and air taxi services, Chino is home to three aviation groups that provide business aviation operations. Common to these businesses is a reliance on quality, time-sensitive and efficient transportation. 


Chino at a Glance
8R/26L: 7000’ x 150’
3/21:4919’ x 150’
8L/26R:4858 x 150’

Latitude/ Longitude:

Services available:
Fuel, Repair, Avionics

7000 Merrill Ave
Chino, CA 91710

909 597-3910

Attention All Pilots

One of Southern California’s oldest and most pilot-friendly locations, KCNO is focused on surpassing the expectations of visiting airmen and their charges.  Whether you are a GA owner, a corporate pilot, or learning to fly, meeting your needs is job one here.  From the traffic control system, to our physical layout, and our diverse community of FBO’s and service providers, we strive to exceed your expectations. 

Are you a Business Owner?

Whether your enterprise is tailored to the aviation community or you enjoy an aviation-based lifestyle, Chino Airport will make you feel right at home.  Beginning with its pre-WWII days as a military training base for pilots and ground service personnel, Chino Airport has been a haven for entrepreneurs and corporate ventures alike.  And you will be hard-pressed to find a more business friendly environment from any other airport administration. 

To Our Neighbors:

The staff and administrators of Chino Airport are committed to being a good and gracious neighbor with our surrounding communities.  We feel blessed to have such fine neighbors and place great emphasis on getting to know you all.  We hope you will feel welcome at all times and trust you will not hesitate to reach out to us, whether it be a phone call, a visit, or by following us on any of our social media platforms.  It is our intent to offer many opportunities throughout the year for you to attend events here, to get to know what we have to offer you, and to enjoy the rich environment commonly called General Aviation. 


Those with strategic interests in business and economic development will find a welcoming environment with principles that are welcoming, accommodating, and eager to negotiate.  Learn how you too can contribute to one of the fastest growing regions in the country. 


Chino Police Department:
(909) 628-1234
Chino Valley Ind. Fire Dist:
Dispatch: (909) 902-5260
Non-emergency dispatch: (909) 983-5911