Twentynine Palms Airport

Twentynine Palms Airport (TNP), near the picturesque city of Twentynine Palms, California, is the closest airport to the entrance of the fabulous Joshua Tree National Park. The airport traces its history to the training of the military pilots during World War II. After opening a training base known as Twentynine Palms Aviation Academy, the military created a series of small runways where gliders could land after training operations. The Airport is located in the close proximity to the Twentynine Palms United States Marine Corps base and it’s support activities.

Twentynine Palms Airport at a Glance

8/26:5531’ x 75’, asphalt
17/35: 3800’ x 50’, asphalt


78569 Twentynine Palms, Hwy 62
Twentynine, CA 92277


San Bernardino County Sheriff Dispatch – 760-245-4211
Wonder Valley Fire – 760-367-3761