CNO Airport Operations Area (AOA) Training


The County of San Bernardino Department of Airports has created this page to provide online training in Airport Operations Area for Chino Airport, as required by the FAA. 


The FAA requires Chino Airport to explore options to alleviate the Runway Incursion issues by providing initial and recurrent training, controlling access to the Airport Operations Area and discussing airport rules, regulations and driving procedures by airport users. 

Please refer to the online materials and links provided below, to prepare for and take the online Certification Exam.


AOA Driver Training Video

CNO AOA video



AOA Training Presentation


CNO AOA Training Presentation (PDF format of Training Video slides with captioning of audio.)



CNO Airport Map

Chino Airport Map


CNO AOA Certification Exam Link


To take the CNO Airport Operations Area Certification Examination click here
(Minimum 90% passing rate required.)


CNO AOA Taxi Test Video

This video resource is presented by the FAA Runway Safety Group, and produced by FAASTeam to review runway safety and how to avoid incursions. 
Why Navigating on a Surface at a Tower Airport is Challenging and Difficult at Times

Chino Airport Main Number:
(909) 465-5201 
Chino Airport Address:

7000 Merrill Ave. 

Chino, CA 91710