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Project #DescriptionBid ClosingSorted By Bid Closing In Descending OrderAwardedCompany
5W12Forest Falls 800 MHz Antenna Site Upgrade Project12/22/2016  
6P15Central DRC Electrical Upgrade Project12/14/2016  
5P45West Valley Regional Training Center11/17/2016  
5F15Fleet management Emergency Infrastructure Fuel Tank Installation Replacement Project11/10/2016  
5V20Information Services Department Warehouse Project11/3/2016  
5W14West Valley Detention Center 800 MHz Antenna Site Upgrade10/20/2016  
5N05Department of Behavioral Health Crisis Residential Treatment Facility/Victorville, CA10/13/2016  
4J05Apple Valley Airport T-Hangar Improvement9/29/2016 Bid withdrawn
5W13Rancho Cucamonga 800MHz Antenna Site Upgrade
7/21/20169/27/2016Abboud Diamond Construction, Inc.
050AApple Valley Library Roof Reconstruction
7/21/2016 No bids received
6X64West Valley Detention Center Elevator Modernization
6D21Hospitality Parking Expansion Project - Phase II
6/30/20168/23/2016Lee & Stires, Inc.
6X59Yucaipa Regional Park Group Tent Shelter Replacement
6X01Sheriff’s Training Center Range Lead Traps – Phase II6/27/20168/23/2016Jergensen Construction
6S20West Valley Detention Center (WVDC) Recreation Yard Enclosures6/27/20168/23/2016Callison Construction
4Y59Foothill Law & Justice Center Elevator Modernization Project
6/2/20168/9/2016Angeles Contractor, Inc.
6X56Calico Ghost Town Camping Cabin Improvements Project
5/19/20167/12/2016Three Peaks Corp.
6X24Barstow Library Bathroom Remodel
6K05Fire Station 12 Bathroom Remodel Project
5X53Inland Empire Autism Assessment Center of Excellence Canopy Project3/31/20166/7/2016Kana Engineering Group, Inc.
5S50Sheriff's Headquarters Restroom and Locker Remodel Re-bid3/17/20165/24/2016Gilman Builders, Inc.


Sheriff's Supplemental Office Space Project- Phase- I- Fencing

3/15/20165/24/2016D & M Martin Construction, Inc.
MJOC8Mechanical Job Order Contractor2/18/20164/5/2016D. Burke Mechanical Corporation
GBJOC10General Building Job Order Contractor2/18/20164/5/2016PUB Construction, Inc.
PFJOC7Painting and Flooring Job Order Contractor2/18/20164/5/2016PUB Construction, Inc.
5X10Sheriff-Coroner Building Expansion Project2/16/20164/19/2016Rasmussen Brothers Construction, Inc.
4P10West Valley Day Reporting Office Expansion Project1/28/20164/5/2016Hamel Contracting, Inc.
5P20104 4th Street Canopy Addition Re-Bid12/15/20154/12/2016Torga Electrical
2Y30Needles Fire Station9/21/201510/20/2015D. Webb, Incorporated
5K20Fire Station No. 92 Covered Parking Project9/21/201511/5/2015Modern Day Construction
5K30Fire Station No. 94 Covered Parking Project9/21/201511/5/2015Modern Day Construction
5F10Barstow Service Center Expansion9/10/201510/20/2015D. Webb, Incorporated
1V20Information Services Department Data Center Power Project7/20/20158/25/2015R.I.C Construction, Co.
5S60Re-bid Sheriff's Residence Post Security Fence Install7/10/20158/27/2015D. Webb, Incorporated
4W01Rialto 800 Mhz Antenna Site6/25/20158/11/2015Woodcliff Corporation
3R14Calico Ghost Town Off-Highway Vehicle Campground Hookups Project3/5/20154/21/2015Pro-Craft Construction
3X58Juvenile Delinquency Court Upgrade1/22/20153/3/2015AMG & Associates, Inc.
4Y55GHRC Roofing Repair Project - Phase III12/17/20143/3/2015Bell Roof Co. Inc.
3G45Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Hot/Cold Fresh Food Tray Conveyor System12/11/20142/5/2015Blueridge Homes
2Y65To construct a 20,000 (approx.) square foot forensic crime lab expansion, including specialized furniture, fixtures, and equipment, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, signage/graphics, civil (onsite and offsite), acoustical and interior finishes, security systems as identified in the bid package in San Bernardino California.8/21/201410/7/2014AMG & Associates Inc.

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