Frequently Asked Questions

PMD provides an internal service to the County government and does not provide services for the general public.  For information regarding building permits, planning or zoning, please contact the County's Land Use Services Department.

Q. How can I get a plan holders list?
A. PMD does not maintain a comprehensive plan holders list.  However, the Pre Bid Meeting (Job Walk) Attendee List for each project can be viewed in the Projects Out For Bid page. The information is posted within one (1) business day of the meeting.
Q. How do I get on the bidder's list or the consultant list?
A. PMD does not keep a list of potential bidders or consultants.  For more information about doing business with the County, please refer to our Home Page and the County's Purchasing Department.
Q. How do I find out about business opportunities with the County of San Bernardino and PMD?
A. We encourage vendors to register in ePro in order to be notified about bid opportunities. Information is also posted on our Projects Out For Bid page.  We also send information to various Plan Rooms and advertise in local newspapers.
Q. How do I register in ePro?
A. Registration assistance and ePro resource materials can be found here. For technical questions or assistance, please contact the Vendor Support Help Desk at (855) 800-5046.
Q. What commodity codes should I register for in ePro?
A. Use the Commodity Code Lookup on the Purchasing Department's website to find codes that match the description of the products or services you offer. Commodity codes for PMD projects may include:

  » 90600   Architectural Services, Professional
  » 90700   Architectural And Engineering Services, Non-Professional
  » 90900   Building Construction Services, New
  » 91000   Building Maintenance And Repair Services
  » 91200   Construction Services, General
  » 91300   Construction Services, Heavy
  » 91400   Construction Services, Trade (New Construction)
  » 91800   Consulting Services
  » 92500   Engineering Services, Professional

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